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The village of Benimeli with it's population of around 435 inhabitants lays at the skirts of the impressive mountain range of " Sierra Segarria " in the north-east region of the province of Alicante and looks out across the "rectoria " valley, which is cultivated with mainly oranges trees, followed by almonds and carob beans, a rich fertile soil where the locals also take pride in growing vegtables all year round. Finca for Sale Casita Plot Rustico Benimelli

Although this charming little village is set in the heart of nature, larger towns and amenities are just 20 minutes away by car.
Benimeli was founded and baptised " Benimelik " by the arabs ,meaning " sons of Melik", and has a long history of ownership from the moment it was conquered by King "Jaime I"  and at one point in  time  became totally deserted, only to be re-populated by familys from Mallorcan origin, becoming " Benimeli ".
In the main square of the village stands a large church " Iglesia de an Andrés Apostol " where one can contemplate the main altarpiece made from fine gold. Finca for Sale Casita Plot Rustico Benimelli

This town square is a ideal place to start from if hiking is something you enjoy doing, as the "Sierra Segarria" offers several interesting hikes,caves and ruins to be explored.
Benimeli holds the celebrations for the patron saint of the village during the third week in August, with processions,parades,out-door dining, firework displays and dancing late into the night. .......... A mid summers dream ...... !!

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