You have found your property - now it is time to make sure everything is in order...

Buying a property is a big step, after the first exitement of finding your new home, it is time to make sure that everything is in order and that there are no hidden surprises.We can help you with all the legal issues around buying your property in Spain. We work together with established laywers from the area. To make sure your dream property is not turning into a nightmare...A short guideline of what is involved:

Checking the Escritura: Every property should have an Escritura. Some of the things your lawyer will ensure are that the plot on which the house stands is where it says it is, the size is correct and the owners are who they say they are. These are just a few of the checks he will undertake but among the most important.

Checking the Referencia Catastral and Certificado Catastral (Fiscal Details).

Obtaining a Nota Simple (land Registry Certificate) which will show if there are any debts or encumbrances on the property.

Checking that there are no outstanding bills for:

- IBI (Local Rates)
- Community charges
- Electricity
- Water
- Telephone

Note: Debts remain attached to the property and not the individual and it is therefore important that a local lawyer conducts the necessary searches and checks to ensure that your property is free of any debt before completion.

Checking the contract for any irregularities prior to any deposits being paid and to explain the contents to you so that you understand fully what will happen if anything goes wrong.

Advising you of all the fees and taxes involved.

Explain the process of paying for your property at the Notary and helping you organise any financial transactions that need to take place prior to and at time of completion.

Explain the post completion process and what will happen to your documents.

This is just a small list of items which are important in the transaction when you buy your property in Spain. We are gladly helping you with every step of the way...