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Moraira is a small, upmarket Spanish coastal town, with 8 km of coastline, backed by mountains and vineyards, and is part of Teulada (also known as Teulada-Moraira) municipality.

Many of the names in the Teulada-Moraira area derived from the Moor settlement - such as Alcassar, Benimeit, Benimarco, Moravit, Pouet del Morro and Tabaira. Indeed, local legend suggests that Moraira was named after the Moorish princess Ira, la Mora. - Moraira

Moraira's economy transformed dramatically in the 1970s and 1980s due to international tourism. The town expanded dramatically to accommodate new holiday homes and infrastructure for tourists. Today, the permanent population of Moraira is around 10,000, although this rises in summer. - Moraira

This area boasts a very stable Mediterranean climate with approximately 300 sunny days a year. The summers are hot and the winters mild, with the surrounding foothills provide protection from harsh weather during the winter while creating a natural vortex for cooling sea breezes in the summer. The sea temperature during the summer months is up to 25 degrees and it hardly rains during the months July–August.
Moraira's historic roots as a fishing village are still in evidence; its fish market is one of the most popular in the Costa Blanca region and the port has five fishing boats in operation. The region is also famous for the growing of Moscatell grapes for wine-making.
To preserve the heritage of the area, the Teulada council passed laws protecting the abundant pine trees and limited the height of buildings. There is also a privately owned Marina,built in 1985, with 620 embarkation points, operated by Club Náutico Moraira.
Moraira is also seen as a culinary destination, with many restaurants and has three beautiful sandy beaches, popular with families, and many rocky coves and inlets frequented by snorkellers and scuba divers.
A little corner of paradise …….

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