Vall de Galinera -

Vall de Gallinera.

The Vall de Gallinera is a beautiful untouched area belonging to the region of the Marina Alta, to the north-east of the province of Alicante, Spain, with a population of around 700 people, spread between the 8 villages that make up this remarkable countryside paradise.

Surrounded by mountain ranges such as the Foradada, the Albureca and the Almirante, the Vall de Gallinera makes a perfect place for hiking and biking , as well as lapping up the rich Moorish history of the area, with an abundance of castles and ruins to visit.

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Eight villages make up the Vall de Gallinera . Benirrama, Benialí, Benisivá, Benitaya, La Carroja, Alpatró, Llombay y Benisili. All forming one municipality, with the town hall situated in Beniali.

Each village celebrates their own patron saint fiestas separately. All fiestas taking place during the months of July to September. Although during the year there are craft and food markets to visit or participate in, and twice a year the famous alignment of the sun through the opening at the top of the Foradada mountain range, when the rays of the sun shine through the mountain opening onto the ruins of an old Franciscan convent.
Vall de Gallinera is recognised for it’s large cherry production in the region, in Spring the whole valley is a mass of frothy pink and white blossom and the cherries are then harvested in May .
Almond and olive trees are also popular in this area, with the almonds flowering in February , ( another visual treat ) and the olives harvested for oil produce in November.

This delightful cluster of villages lays in a totally unspoilt area of the Costa Blanca, but only 20 minutes away from larger towns, supermarkets and petrol stations, and 30 minutes to the beach. Most of the 8 villages have bars, restaurants and bakeries and on certain days of the week, farmers and tradesmen literally bring their wares to your doorstep, offering local produce such as cheeses and fresh fruit and vegetables.

A taste of real Spain…….

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