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also known as the "Dawn of Spain" sits right on the most inbound tip of the East Coast Mediterranean Sea. Between Valencia en Alicante and is located about 90 km from Ibiza, being possible on clear days, to see the profile of the island from the two important headlands of this sought after town, the Cabo San Antonio and the Cabo de La Nao.


The Montgó mountain, Javea's outstanding landmark is the most visual summit of the region,and stands at more than 750 m high ,offering shelter from the North to Javea's over 27.225 inhabitants,spread over the town,beach,port and hills that make up this very special town. - JAVEA - XABIA - rustic finca properties

Javea has lots to offer and something for everyone , including sandy and pebble beaches, unspoilt coves, underwater caves,a multitude of bars and restaurants,fishing port and boat club,golf course and an interesting historic town centre to explore, including a large fortress church, ancient underground burial sites, monuments and a museum. - JAVEA - XABIA - rustic finca properties

The port of Javea contains many fish restaurants and places to relax overlooking the sea, a fisherman's church,built resembling the bows of a boat and a long promonade from the port to the sandy beach of "El Arenal ". - JAVEA - XABIA - rustic finca properties

A variety of "fiestas" are celebrated throughout the year, the most famous and prominent one being the night of " San Juan ",in June,when bonfires are lit in the streets and the crowds, wearing floral crowns parade round the town jumping over the flames. Large effigies are constructed at various points in town and are burnt down on the last night of the fiestas followed by an amazing firework display. - JAVEA - XABIA - rustic finca properties